Conservatories & Conservatory Designs to suit your home and budget...

Specialist Trade Windows specialise in tailor made conservatories to suit all your requirements, and our reputation has been built on our commitment to customer satisfaction, listening to their needs and providing perfect conservatory solutions in even the most difficult locations.

Whilst conservatories were once considered to be too cold in winter and too hot in summer, our unique conservatory designs ensure that only the best methods of ventilation and heating are used to ensure they can be used in comfort all year round. As we understand that a UPVC conservatory needs to blend both functionally and aesthetically to your home, our conservatory designers are on hand to advise you on which style of conservatory will be best suited to your unique property and lifestyle.

Regardless of the design you choose, from a simple lean-to conservatory to an entirely bespoke solution, we offer a complete design and installation service that includes everything from building and joinery work to electrics and plumbing. Our installation co-ordinator will carefully monitor each stage of your conservatory installation, ensuring that the transitions between stages are as smooth as possible whilst keeping you up to date with any project developments as and when they happen.



 Edwardian: - (pic – edwadian1) - link tab

The Edwardian conservatory offers excellent floor space thanks to its flat fronted design and this rectangular or square internal shape helps to create a simple, uncluttered and elegant design. A contemporary effect is achieved by pitching each side of the roof back to a central ridge in a style that is well suited to the majority of property types.

Edwardian conservatories in uPVC offer a simple look with strong bold lines.

Many people love the Edwardian style due to its likeness with a typical room in your home. 

The square fronted corners of Edwardian conservatories give the optimum interior floor space allowing more room for your furniture. Whether you require a dining room, play room, garden room or just some additional ‘general’ living space, this design carries endless opportunities.
 The pitch of Edwardian conservatory roof and indeed the direction of the ridge can be changed to suit practically any property (even those with height restrictions) providing a classic addition to your home.


 Victorian:-  ( pic – victorian1) - link tab

By far our most popular UPVC conservatory style, the Victorian conservatory provides an inherent versatility that makes it suitable for the majority of property styles. Its curved appearance makes it a distinct and attractive architectural feature which once combined with its ornate ridge details and steeply pitched roof create a truly classical effect.

The Victorian conservatory is classic and elegant in design. Its sharp crisp angled roof is softened by its facets  providing a rounded and styled look.

Whether you prefer three or five facets, equal sized or wide fronted styles, its versatility and pleasing aesthetics make it suitable for almost all houses.
As all our styles are made to your requirements, you have complete control over the look of your Victorian uPVC conservatory. Choices such as the position of the doors, the colour of the materials e.g. white, rosewood, light oak are just some of the decisions you can make. 


 Bespoke:-   ( pic – bespoke1) - link tab

There are many types of bespoke made to measure conservatory designs to suit most situations, both traditional and contemporary - just ask one of our conservatory designers to create the perfect conservatory for you and your family.

Bespoke conservatory designs are ideal for tricky sites or just simply for people wanting something different.

Built to your own specifications bespoke conservatories offer the ultimate in flexibility and choice. 

Whether you desire something simple or intricate our conservatory designer will be able to guide you through the whole process, advising you at every stage on how to make the most out of your new space.

What people love about this style is that it almost equates to adding an additional two rooms to your home as it allows for one section to be used for dining and the other to be enjoyed for relaxing. 

This style, however, offers greater versatility as it is not restricted in its use. Should you wish to use it as one large space, its soft corners provides the ability to do this by letting the eye glide from one end to another seamlessly.


 Gable Fronted:-  (pic – gable1) - link tab

The Gable-fronted conservatory design is a variant on the popular Edwardian UPVC conservatory. Its elegant shape will transform even the smallest of gardens, providing you with new found space which you can utilise in many different ways.

The Gable-fronted conservatory design is a variant on the popular Edwardian conservatory and with its elegant shape it will transform even the smallest of gardens.

Gable conservatories create a stunning visual impact both internally and externally and with the high pitch of the roof they offer a real sense of height and space.
 The front feature of the Gable-fronted conservatory is traditionally made to resemble the sun rising (sunburst) however there are many other designs available.


 Lean-to:-  (pic – lean to1)  - link tab

The Lean-to style uPVC conservatory is for those who prefer the clean understated lines of a Mediterranean sunroom. Traditional or contemporary, this style is ideal for properties with limited space available or those that have an awkward area in which to fit a conservatory.

Conservatories can be great investments in your home, adding value to your property and offering luxurious living space for relaxing or entertaining, however, choosing the right polycarbonate in your conservatory roof is essential if you want to benefit from year round use of your extra space.

For instance, did you know that up to 80% of the sun’s solar energy can pass directly through a standard polycarbonate conservatory roof creating an uncomfortable ‘greenhouse effect’ inside? As a result of this your conservatory could become unbearably hot, furniture and fabrics will fade, you will have to put up with the sun’s glare as well as contend with harmful UV rays!

35mm Multi-layered Multi-wall Structured Polycarbonate Sheets  pic poly2

At Specialist Trade Windows we install 35mm Sunlite ML Polycarbonate as standard in all our conservatory roofs. Sunlite ML allows combinations of different colours in one sheet, and adds a multi-layer technological edge to the already wide range of Sunlite products. Sunlite multi-layered products provide the benefits of solar energy treatment, delivering cool natural light without sacrificing the interior.

Sunlite ML adds new attractive dimension to any conservatory, and may also appeal to architects, who would appreciate this creative element when designing structures

What are the benifits?

  •       New: X-Lite structure for improved overall mechanical performance
  •       Reduced heat buildup
  •       White interior blends with any decor
  •       Range of thicknesses available
  •       Supplied in standard SUNLITE widths
  •       Compliments all fabricated roof structures and glazing systems
  •       Bronze/Opal and Solar Guard color combinations
  •       Softer lighting effect created when using opal

  • The range of tints are Clear - Bronze - Opal - Bronze/Opal - Heatguard/Opal - Solar Ice - Blue/Opal as well as the high performance Solar Reflective Inserts in Silver - Gold - Blue and Green.

Clear Tint Multi Wall Polcarbonate                            pic – ml1

Bronze Tint Multi Wall Polycarbonate       pic – ml2

Opal Tint Multi Wall Polycarbonate           pic – ml3

Bronze/Opal Tint Multi Wall Polycarbonate                            pic – ml4

Heatguard/Opal Tint Multi Wall Polycarbonate      pic – ml5

Solarite Solar Reflective Inserts     Pic- poly1

"The Neat And Simple Solution To Solar Heat Gain"

Gone are the days when a conservatory was seen as an occasional room for summer use. Today we all use them as additional rooms in every season of the year. Retro fitting or having "Solarite" specified in your new polycarbonate roof allows just that combining effective winter insulation with solar heat gain control in the summer.

Perforance Glazing           pic-gl1

The modern range of sealed unit glass roof panels are diverse and offer the conservatory owner many beneficial properties.  From self-cleaning active surfaces that bio-degrade dirt particles to soft coat inner layers that enhance thermal insulation, glass has an option to suit all requirements. Please ask for further  information on products available.