Our PVC windows are bright, modern and attractive, and come with the following benefits:

  • Virtually maintenance-free - PVC windows don't rot, flake, rust or fade. In fact, all you need to do to keep them looking smart is give them an occasional wipe with a damp cloth - it's that easy.

  • Warm and secure - our PVC windows add to the warmth and comfort of your home by reducing noise, heat loss and draughts.

  • Built to last - as well as a 10-year guarantee on materials and workmanship, our PVC casement windows and tilt turn windows have a 10 year guarantee against fog and condensation in the sealed units - something no other company offers

Whether your home is modern or period, Specialist Trade Windows has a colour to suit. In addition to the universally popular brilliant white frames, you can also choose traditional wood grains in the rich, dark elegance of Rosewood or Mahogany and the delightful lighter Golden Oak option.

You can even specify brilliant white on the inside frame with wood grains to the outside. Dwarf walls can have any of the four colour finishes on both window cill and skirting’s. Any internal pipe work can also be boxed in with these colours. SHOWN ON THE RIGHT Pics- profile colours

Installing uPVC by Specialist Windows can help you to significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home; reducing your carbon footprint while saving money on heating bills.


  • Our uPVC meet and often exceed energy efficiency standards. By reducing heat-loss and minimising draughts, you’ll be less reliant on artificial heating in your home. Having your heating on less often or at a lower temperature cuts down on the amount of fossil fuels needed to heat your home, reducing the carbon dioxide that goes into the atmosphere.

  • Specialist Windows are A- rated as standard - the highest energy efficiency rating in the industry.

  • We offer energy saving glass technology: coated low emissivity glass which reflects heat back into your home - so you don't have to use as much heating to keep warm.

  • Our energy saving uPVC windows are multi-chambered, and have Thermal Inserts to conserve heat.

Thermal Inserts and Thermally Chambered Frames

Specialist Trade Windows’ new range of thermal inserts and thermally chambered frames are engineered to produce the most cost effective energy efficient windows for:-

  • . A+ rating on the BFRC Energy Index
  • . 1.6 W/m2K U-value or C rated to achieve new Build Regulations
  • . 1.3 W/m2K U-value or lower for new build and social housing

Thermal performance without compromise

The thermal inserts are made from 100% recycled material and work by creating additional cavities in the frame to reduce heat loss as well as providing the performance of a minimum reinforcement window, exceeding the BS6375- 1:2009 requirements for wind resistance (1600Pa exposure category).

Using thermal inserts and thermally chambered frames means we don’t have to reduce our manufacturing efficiency or compromise the integrity of your windows in order to achieve high energy ratings or low U-values, giving us the edge over our competitors.

Energy rated windows for less cost

The ability to manufacture high energy performing windows without adding cost was a crucial factor in the design of inserts and thermally chambered frames. The range will: -

  • Achieve A rated windows using just a float glass outer pane instead of low iron.
  • Achieve A rated reinforced woodgrain windows
  • Meet the new Building Regulation requirements using a glass unit with an aluminium spacer bar reducing costs for you or your customer.
  • Achieve the low U-values required by house builders and social housing landlords without expensive glass unit configurations or triple glazing.
  • Include pics – energy eff logo, thermal blocks, profile image